Make sure to enable the “export categories” setting on your export profile and to run the normal (not products only) export. Because we have no delta data available for categories all items are getting pushed.

Only the category tree under your configured channel is getting exported. It is not possible to remove Magento categories at this moment.

This is only possible if custom category attributes are developed. First the custom category attributes must be created in Magento. Then create the same category attribute codes in Akeneo. If the connector finds a match, this data will be send.


First make sure that you configure the attributes codes you want to export. See topic “tab 1 - configuration”. Also run a full export instead of the products only export.

If your attribute is still not visible after the export, check the “export attribute delta data” option in your export profile. It can be the case that you changed your configuration after the last successful export date. In this case this new config is maybe not getting picked up directly. Disabling the “export attribute delta data” will ensure you that you are sending all attributes. You can enable this setting again after the first export (performance).

The family export is responsible for creating families but also for creating the attribute group and linking the attributes to these groups. This export has also a setting “export family delta data”. If you experience any issues in creating attribute groups or linking the attributes to their families, try exporting with the delta setting disabled.

If you want to move a-b mapped attributes (See topic “tab 1 - configuration”), check out the “Reassign the ab mapped attributes to the attribute groups and families” setting on your export profile (topic “Job configuration”).

Attribute options

At this moment Magento’s attribute option labels are not getting updated once they are created. We do this consciously for performance reasons and are still improving this. Because we keep all option ids in our mapping table it is no problem to change the labels in Magento directly.
This connector will only send attribute options which are required for Magento. We create the attribute options while sending products data. This means that only the options linked to the required products are getting created. Ofcourse only the options for the configured export attributes are been send.