Export conditions

The connector has some conditions build in for exporting products. If one of these conditions is not met, the products will not get exported. Below you can find a list of these conditions.

Product families

Products need to be assigned to a family. If not, the product will not get exported. Not trough the grid or the daily exports. The following error will be thrown: ‘No family found. Skipping the following product (model)’

Product completeness

For each storeview (locale) configured in the connector, the product completeness will be checked. If the completeness for the main locale (locale configured on the all storeview) is not complete, the whole product will get skipped IF the all storeview is present in the storeview export json. If an other storeview (locale) is not complete but the main storeview is, then only that storeview will get skipped. If there is no ALL storeview configured in your export configuration products will only get updated. Never created. The connector does this by checking the product mapping and Magento response.

If the setting “completeness_filter_active” is active. This validation will be skipped. See topic See topic “tab 1 - configuration”.

Akeneo conditions

The default Akeneo conditions will be the same. For non quick exports this means that products must be linked to at least one category of the export channel. The content export conditions configured on the export job will get applied also.

Since the 5.2.0 version of this connector it is also possible to inherit content product filtering conditions on the quick export jobs. You do this by toggling the ‘Inherit export filters’ to yes. Be aware that this can result in strange behaviour. For example: if you select 10 products it is possible because of the extra product condition filter that not all of these 10 products get exported.

Exception: The ‘enabled’ status product condition will not get applied to quick exports

Export types