Connector version 6

Upgrading to the Akeneo Magento connector 6 version can have some impact on your workflow. In this documentation you’ll find pages with the following tabs:


These tabs represent differences in documentation between multiple connector versions. For this 6 version a new ‘Open queue job items’ was added. Also the status ‘waiting for external queue’ was removed. See the topic “follow up queue” (tab current version) for more information.

Release notes:

6.5.6 - (04-12-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-185 - Bugfix product events not getting deleted

    Fixed the issue where product_updated and product_created events are not getting deleted even when the messages are processed.

6.5.5 - (13-09-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-172 - Bugfix option label updates

    Fixed the issue that option updates went wrong for AB mapped attributes.

6.5.4 - (28-07-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-170 - Bug image roles on asset collection attributes (Enterprise only).

    Fixed the issue that the wrong image, thumbnail and small_image roles are set on assets under the asset collection attribute. These roles are now assigned to the first asset in this asset collection only.

6.5.3 - (17-07-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-169 - Bugfix image mapping creations.

    Removed unnecessary function parameter from the addImageMapping function which is called when the isUpdateImageMappingActive is active.

6.5.2 - (26-06-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-168 - Bugfix special price.

    The special price product values are now sent under the product's custom_attributes property.

6.5.1 - (09-06-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-167 - Bugfix updating storeview mappings.

    Fixed the issue that storeview mappings are not updated after changing the storeview json.

6.5.0 - (07-06-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-163 - Image payload - extending payload command

    We added the possibility to test images trough the payload command.

  • AKMAGECON-163 - Youtube videos - add custom asset image to youtube video.

    It's now possible to use an own asset image for your youtube video. Check the video documentation for more information. We also added support for localizable videos.

  • AKMAGECON-163 - Price and special price values - fix empty string.

    Empty special price & price values are now send with a null value instead of an empty string. This prevents Magento casting an empty string to a 0 float value.

6.4.1 - (04-04-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-162 - Readded bugfix error formatting and axis attributes.

    Fixed the error 'Option values are not specified' when exporting configurable products with metric _axis attributes for 6.4 versions.

6.4.0 - (31-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-157 - Website mapping.

    It's now possible to use an attribute for website mapping.

  • AKMAGECON-138 - Images per storeview.

    We added functionality which makes it possible to use different images per storeview. You can use localisable asset collection or images attributes for this.

  • AKMAGECON-76 - YouTube support for EE assets.

    Asset youtube video links are now supported.

6.3.9 - (09-06-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-167 - Bugfix updating storeview mappings.

    Fixed the issue that storeview mappings are not updated after changing the storeview json.

6.3.8 - (12-05-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-165 - Image export - bugfix special characters.

    Fixed the 'The specified image contains invalid characters' error when exporting images with special characters in their filenames.

6.3.7 - (11-04-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-160 - Bugfix 'date by days' filter inheritance.

    Fixed the error 'Property updated expects an integer as data, string given.' on quick exports. This issue was related to filter inheritance for export profiles where a date by days condition was set.

6.3.6 - (04-04-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-162 - Bugfix error formatting and axis attributes.

    Fixed the error 'Option values are not specified' when exporting configurable products with metric _axis attributes.

6.3.5 - (31-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-161 - Default product visibility on admin storeview level only.

    Provided a project fix which gives the possibility to export a default product visibility value on admin level only. You can use separate configuration for this.

6.3.4 - (24-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-159 - Bugfix 'Call to undefined method League\Flysystem\Filesystem' error.

    Fixed the 'Call to undefined method League\Flysystem\Filesystem' error when exporting reference entity items.

6.3.3 - (16-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-158 - Bugfix multiple reference selects.

    Because of an Akeneo bug the same reference select option can be added multiple times to the same product. This results in duplicate key errors in Magento. We know make sure this data is unique before sending it.

6.3.2 - (06-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-156 - Migration scripts.

    Added the missing migration scripts for each 6.* version.

6.3.1 - (03-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-155 - Bugfix AB mapping.

    Fixed the issue that a 'strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, int given.' error is thrown when mapping a numeric value.

6.3.0 - (13-02-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-151 - Export reference entity image paths instead of the content.

    Allow (with configuration) to export the reference entity image paths instead of the file contents itself.

  • AKMAGECON-146 - Visualize the product data in error messages.

    We had one long product data string in our bulk API messages. We broke up the product data in smaller peaces.

  • AKMAGECON-145 - Compability AKMAGECON-133 & AKMAGECON-135.

    We made feature AKMAGECON-133 & AKMAGECON-135 compatible for Akeneo 6.

  • AKMAGECON-120 - Implemented functionality for importing storeview json data.

    It's possible now to import a storeview json based on the current Magento configuration.

  • AKMAGECON-119 - Created a command for outputting the product bulk export payload.

    For debugging purpose we created a commando for printing the bulk payload instead of sending it.

  • AKMAGECON-67 - Changed image logic - we now use an image hash for comparison.

    We now check on image content to determine if an image was changed. We don't depend on the filename anymore.

6.2.5 - (08-02-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-149 - Fix filter inheritance on quick exports.

    Inheritance of a large amount of product condition filtering resulted in exceeding the GET parameters length. This is solved now.

6.2.4 - (07-02-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-148 - Solved the problem of image roles not getting updated.

    Solved the problem of image roles not getting updated at storeview level.

  • AKMAGECON-147 - Bugfix interruption of option updates.

    Solved the bug that the option update export step got interrupted when there are option mappings active for options that doesn’t exist anymore.

6.2.3 - (31-01-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-144 - Default visibility - prevent the storeview visibility values to get exported.

    When the default visibility database setting is active only the product visibility value for the ‘all’ storeview will get exported.

  • AKMAGECON-143 - Prevent family mappings to get updated.

    While exporting families the related mappings will not get updated anymore. By doing this the manual changes are kept intact. We also fixed the issue related to AKMAGECON-141 for '_axis' attributes.

6.2.2 - (26-01-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-141 - Bugfix configurable attribute options

    Solved the problem that only one axis attribute is getting created if a product models has multiple levels.

6.2.1 - (13-01-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-137 - Temporary fix open queue items grid

    Mysql was returning an 'only_full_group_by' error on the open queue items grid. We solved this by removing the 'domain' and 'created' fields from the grid. A follow up ticket was created.

6.2.0 - (30-12-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-134 - Full attribute option updates based on the mapping table.

    AKMAGECON-126 part two. When activating the 'Export option update delta data' setting, the export job in not using the events table for option updates. It will update all mapped options instead.

  • AKMAGECON-132 - Add the possibility to export products only.

    A new export setting was added. It's now possible to export products only on automated exports. Activating this setting will disable the category, attribute, family and option export steps.

  • AKMAGECON-131 - Family mapping. Pimgento fallback on initial run.

    Old attributesets which where created by Pimgento are now recognized and mapped correctly on the initial run.

6.1.3 - (21-12-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-130 - Removed the default locale filter on Magento UUID & reference export profiles.

    When creating Magento UUID or reference export profiles a default locale filter was set. This caused problems when editing these profiles.

  • AKMAGECON-129 - Filter inheritance on quick export jobs went wrong with boolean values.

    When inheriting boolean export filters on quick export jobs, these boolean values where converted to strings. This resulted in the following error 'Property expects a boolean as data, string given'. This problem is gone now.

6.1.2 - (15-11-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-122 - Quick export images - wrong step execution display

    Created a new quick export job type for images. By doing this, the job execution display will show only one execution step.

  • AKMAGECON-118 - Limited the number of axe options being send.

    From now on only the linked product axe options are send to the Magento's bulk API endpoint. This avoids exceeding the options limit (2000 items).

6.1.1 - (07-11-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-127 - Bugfix completeness flow - axe options.

    Fixed the bug that configurable axe options were getting pushed to the bulk queue when a product is not complete.

6.1.0 - (07-11-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-126 - Full attribute reference ent. option updates based on the mapping table.

    A new export setting 'Export option update delta data' was added for the 'Magento export' job. When activating this setting, the export job in not using the events table for option updates. It will update all mapped reference entity options instead.

6.0.2 - (19-10-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-117 - Events bundle multiple domain bugfixing.

    Fixed the issue that one change event could not be send to multiple domains.

  • AKMAGECON-123 - Changed the zero response message.

    The zero response message was not clear for end users. We provided a better message for this type of errors.

  • AKMAGECON-124 - Fixed the str_replace function error while capturing response errors.

    We fixed the str_replace error on numeric parameters while capturing response errors.

  • AKMAGECON-125 - Bugfix _axis attribute options.

    We resolved the type declaration error while pushing _axis attribute options.

6.0.1 - (27-09-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-116 - Bugfix 'The product that was requested doesn't exist. Verify the product and try again.'

    Fixed wrong url encoding on the /rest/{_store}/V1/products/{sku}/links/{type} endpoint.

6.0.0 - (19-09-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-84 - Akeneo 6 CE - EE compatibility

    Added the changes needed to get the connector working on the Akeneo 6 version. The waiting for external queue status was removed and a new 'Open queue job items' grid was added.