Connector version 6

Upgrading to the Akeneo Magento connector 6 version can have some impact on your workflow. In this documentation you’ll find pages with the following tabs:


These tabs represent differences in documentation between multiple connector versions. For this 6 version a new ‘Open queue job items’ was added. Also the status ‘waiting for external queue’ was removed. See the topic “follow up queue” (tab current version) for more information.

Release notes:

6.0.1 - (27-09-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-116 - Bugfix 'The product that was requested doesn't exist. Verify the product and try again.'

    Fixed wrong url encoding on the /rest/{_store}/V1/products/{sku}/links/{type} endpoint.

6.0.0 - (19-09-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-84 - Akeneo 6 CE - EE compatibility

    Added the changes needed to get the connector working on the Akeneo 6 version. The waiting for external queue status was removed and a new 'Open queue job items' grid was added.