tab 1 - configuration


The configuration tab contains settings for mapping product values, images, associations and attributes.

Attribute mappings

A → B mapping.
Here you can remap product values ​​from attribute a to attribute b. Before you can start exporting, a number of ‘mappings’ are necessary. Mapping for the fields ‘sku, name, akeneo_status, visibility, weight & tax_class_id’ are hereby required (these are not removable). If no mapping is provided for these field. The connector will use standards. Other reserved attribute codes are: quantity_and_stock_status,category_ids,tier_price,price_view,gift_message_available,type_id. These cannot be mapped.

Special A → B mappings

Different values for configurable and simple products:

The mapping configuration allows you to map two different Akeneo attributes to one Magento attribute. This way it is possibly to provide a different Magento value for configurable and simple products. You do this by adding a pipeline between the Akeneo attributes. Once a pipeline was added, the first attribute will be used for configurable products and the second one for the simples.

Magento attribute Akeneo attribute
visibility visibility_model|visibility_simple

Range attributes: Induxx has provided a new attribute type ‘range’. On this attribute three values will be stored. Min, max and increment. For this attribute it is possible to link these 3 values from one Akeneo attribute to three different Magento attributes. You do this by using a slash (\).

Magento attribute Akeneo attribute
max_sale_qty sales_range/max
min_sale_qty sales_range/min
qty_increments sales_range/increment
Reserved A → B mapping attributes

A few attribute codes are reserved for the connector. Because of this you cannot add these manually. Attribute(s) that are reserved:

  • sku
  • name
  • weight
  • visibility
  • tax_class_id
  • quantity_and_stock_status
  • category_ids
  • tier_price
  • price_view
  • gift_message_available
  • akeneo_status
A → B mapping stock item attributes

It is also possible to add mapping on the product stock item attributes. A list of these attributes can be found here:

  • qty
  • is_in_stock
  • is_qty_decimal
  • use_config_min_qty
  • min_qty
  • use_config_min_sale_qty
  • min_sale_qty
  • use_config_max_sale_qty
  • max_sale_qty
  • use_config_backorders
  • backorders
  • use_config_notify_stock_qty
  • notify_stock_qty
  • use_config_qty_increments
  • qty_increments
  • use_config_enable_qty_inc
  • enable_qty_increments
  • use_config_manage_stock
  • manage_stock
  • low_stock_date
  • is_decimal_divided
  • stock_status_changed_auto
Association mapping

Here you can map Akeneo association codes on the existing Magento association types. You can choose which associations to use for cross-sell, upsell and related products.

Other settings

Except these mappings, a few other important settings are required. These are:

  • A comma separated list of attribute codes you want to export to Magento. This list will be used for attribute and product value exporting. Don’t forget to add at least all the variant axe attributes here.
  • A comma separated list of image attribute codes. This list will be used to export images to the image gallery. You can decide on each family which image you want to use as the main image in Magento -> ‘family attribute used as image’.
Save configuration

Since the grid quick export jobs are not configurable through the Akeneo’s export user interface, the existence of these jobs will be checked when saving this configuration. If the quick export job magento_api_quick_product_export does not exist, it will be created. The same logic will be applied for the magento_api_quick_export and magento_csv_open_queue jobs.

Oro config which is currently not available in the UI
Section Name Description
magento_configuration asset_attribute Optional. An asset can contain several variant attributes. By setting up this config value, the connector knows which image variant must be exported.
magento_configuration completeness_filter_active Default true. Only export products which are complete.
magento_configuration configurable_base_image_attribute Optional. Image attribute used as main image for configurable products.
magento_configuration convert_all_axe_attributes Optional. Create new Magento simple select “_axis” attribute for each Akeneo variant axe attribute. Even if these attributes are already select attributes.
magento_configuration curl_timout_seconds Optional. Set timout setting on your curls requests.
magento_configuration default_locale This value is used as the last fallback layer if no locale would be set on the ‘all’ storeview. This locale will be used as the Magento default locale and must be the same as the locale which is configured on the default storeview.
magento_configuration default_product_visibility Optional. Default product visibility.
magento_configuration disable_images Optional. Comma separated list of attribute codes. For these image attribute codes the image will be disabled in the gallery.
magento_configuration export_configurable_products Optional. If activated, no configurable products will get exported. Variant products will be simples
magento_configuration export_reference_image_paths Optional. Defalse false. If activated, we send the image paths instead of the file content for reference entity/data exports.
magento_configuration flip_options_for_attribute_codes Optional. Comma separated list of attribute codes. For these attribute codes the option code and labels will be switched.
magento_configuration image_resize This value is used in combination with Lamda and is the resolution to which you want to rescale (if you use this Lambda service).
magento_configuration inherit_image_positions Default false. When active the Magento image positions for existing images will be used. When false, Akeneo is leading.
magento_configuration inherit_model_images Default false. When active the product model images will be pushed on variant level as well. This can have a huge impact on performance. Each image will be duplicated per variant and has an own filename (default Magento behaviour). For example: 1 model with 5 images and 10 variants, will result in 55 images.
magento_configuration logging_enabled Default false. Enable if you want to activate export logging.
magento_configuration memory_limit Optional. In MB. For example: 2048 - increase the memory limit while processing image data.
magento_configuration meta_attributes Optional. Comma separated list of attribute codes. The product values of these attributes will be send in one meta attribute. If you want to add association data you need to add the association prefix. An example: association::SUBSTITUTION
magento_configuration product_request_interval Optional. Can be used to set a delay on product export requests. Magento can have problems if you send too many requests in a short period of time.
magento_configuration reformat_image_name Default false. Will reformat the image name the same way as the old Pimgento does - {SKU}-{SKU}-{ATTRCODE}-{IMAGENAME}. If false, the new naming convention is used. This is the original image name extended with the first 4 characters of the hash.
magento_configuration root_category Magento’s root category id. Default 2. Use this database configuration setting if you want to use another Magento category as root startpoint.
magento_configuration separate_configurables_for_family_codes Optional. Comma separated list of family codes. For each family code in this list, configurable products are created from the sub models. Not the root models.
magento_configuration use_pimgento_family_mapping_fallback Default true.
magento_configuration update_image_mapping Default false. If activated, existing image mappings with no hash will get updated with a hash. For these mappings the images will not get exported again.
magento_configuration video_asset_attribute Optional. The asset attribute you want to use for linking videos.