Fixture data

This connector is equiped with own fixture data (based on the icecat demo data). Installing this data on your demo environments makes it easy to start testing and exploring the functionalities. A few steps need to be done.

  1. run the following command
bin/console pim:installer:db --catalog vendor/induxx/akeneo-magento-api-bundle/src/Bundle/MagentoBundle/Resources/fixtures/magento_connector_demo

you can do this also by make

make database O="--catalog vendor/induxx/akeneo-magento-api-bundle/src/Bundle/MagentoBundle/Resources/fixtures/magento_connector_demo"
  1. Provide a credential in the credentials manager. Use the code ‘demo_credentials’ if you want your fixture jobs to be linked automatically. Take a look at the ‘Security’ page under the ‘Job profiles’ chapter if you want to know how you can create credentials.
  2. Create an user with the following command
bin/console pim:user:create kbeck secretp@ssw0rd Kent Beck en_US --admin -n
  1. Link the fixture export jobs to the demo_configuration -> see “tab 2 - linked export jobs”