Events bundle

Flush event messages command
bin/console induxx:events:flush_event_messages

This command is needed for cleaning up the Induxx events table. All events which have the deleted flag will be removed permanently. We recommend to add this command to your crontab configuration on a daily basis.

Connector bundle

Printing payload

A commando was written for printing the bulk API payload instead of sending it.

bin/console induxx:magento_connector:create_payload --entity=product --identifiers=60064890RS --credential_code=sip_prod --configuration_code=default --channel=ecommerce --store_config=all:en_GB:EUR --username=induxx

The following parameters are required:

- username - The username to work with
- entity - The entity type. At this moment only product is available
- identifiers - Comma separated list of identifiers.
- configuration_code - The configuration code you want to use for this payload.
- credential_code - The credentials manager code.
- store_config - Storeview code, locale, currency and id (optional). In the correct order. For example nl:nl_NL:EUR:5. Use a comma to separate multiple storeviews.
- channel - For which channel you want to create a payload. Default: ecommerce [default: "ecommerce"]

Add this moment only the entity types product and image (since 6.5.0) are supported.