Asset videos

Youtube video export flow

Since the connector version 6.4.0 it is possible to export Youtube videos. This is a feature which is currently only available for EE versions of Akeneo. You do this by following the next steps.

  • Create an asset family and add a youtube media_link attribute {x} to it.
  • Add the ‘video_asset_attribute’ setting with value {x} to your oro_config_value table. See the “configuration” documentation for more information.
  • Create an asset {y} of this family and link a Youtube url.
  • Create a localizable or non-localizable product asset collection attribute {z} of this family.
  • Use this product attribute and link the {y} asset to your collection.
  • Add the {z} attribute to your export configuration under image attributes.
  • Export you product with the correct export profile (profile with the correct configuration linked). Your video will get exported.

Youtube image placeholder

By default we use the configured Youtube video image as an image placeholder. You can check this image by navigation to{videoId}/0.jpg. For example:

If you want to have more control over this image you can use the default asset ‘media’ image attribute for this. On the same asset next to your media_link attribute you can upload an image to the media attribute. By configuring the asset like this the default Youtube image will get overwritten by an image of your own.

Video mappings

Just like images, videos have their own mappings. They are stored with the entity video_link tag.