Connector version 5

5.6.5 - (13-09-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-172 - Bugfix option label updates

    Fixed the issue that option updates went wrong for AB mapped attributes.

5.6.4 - (16-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-158 - Bugfix multiple reference selects.

    Because of an Akeneo bug the same reference select option can be added multiple times to the same product. This results in duplicate key errors in Magento. We know make sure this data is unique before sending it.

5.6.3 - (06-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-156 - Migration scripts.

    Added the missing migration scripts for each 5.* version.

5.6.2 - (03-03-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-155 - Bugfix AB mapping.

    Fixed the issue that a 'strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, int given.' error is thrown when mapping a numeric value.

5.6.1 - (27-02-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-153 - Bugfix default product name.

    Fixed the issue that a configurable product name was sent at variant level.

5.6.0 - (13-02-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-151 - Export reference entity image paths instead of the content.

    Allow (with configuration) to export the reference entity image paths instead of the file contents itself.

  • AKMAGECON-150 - Full option updates.

    We provided full option and reference entity option update functionality on version 5.* of the connector.

5.5.2 - (08-02-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-149 - Fix filter inheritance on quick exports.

    Inheritance of a large amount of product condition filtering resulted in exceeding the GET parameters length. This is solved now.

5.5.1 - (31-01-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-144 - Default visibility - prevent the storeview visibility values to get exported.

    When the default visibility database setting is active only the product value for the ‘all’ storeview will get exported.

  • AKMAGECON-141 - Bugfix configurable attribute options

    Solved the problem that only one axis attribute is getting created if a product models has multiple levels.

5.5.0 - (06-01-2023)
  • AKMAGECON-135 - Use a subcategory as new root category.

    It's possible to configure a subcategory to start from. By doing this we don't export the whole category tree.

  • AKMAGECON-133 - Meta attribute - assets support.

    Assets file paths can be send trough the akeneo_meta attribute now.

5.4.7 - (21-12-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-130 - Removed the default locale filter on Magento UUID & reference export profiles.

    When creating Magento UUID or reference export profiles a default locale filter was set. This caused problems when editing these profiles.

5.4.6 - (30-11-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-128 - Bugfix missing product completeness.'

    Prevented the 'Call to a member function ratio() on null' error when trying to get the completeness ratio on an empty object.

5.4.5 - (27-09-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-116 - Bugfix 'The product that was requested doesn't exist. Verify the product and try again.'

    Fixed wrong url encoding on the /rest/{_store}/V1/products/{sku}/links/{type} endpoint.

5.4.4 - (12-09-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-114 - Removed special characters from image names.

    Magento is blocking image creation for image names with special characters. We now remove these (/ : * ? < > |) characters first.

5.4.3 - (29-08-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-113 - Improvement Magento's GET families API call.

    Magento is limiting the response amount on the families API endpoint by default now. By sending a pagesize parameter we solve this issue.

5.4.2 - (25-08-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-112 - Fixed associations export error.

    Fixed an issue related to Doctrine's proxy generating causing the 'Typed property ProductModel::$associations must not be accessed before initialization' error.

5.4.1 - (22-08-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-111 - Upgrade events bundle integration - avoid large message rotation.

    Fixed the issue of not deleting the event messages. This prevents performance issues in the option and reference option update export steps.

5.4.0 - (08-08-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-109 - Permission improvements. Added extra quick export possibilities.

    A few new acl permissions were introduced. It's now also possible to hide grid quick exports for all or specific users.

  • AKMAGECON-98 - Provided image mapping and a better way of image handling.

    In previous versions the image name has been used to determine if an image must be created or linked to a product. From now on a new mapping entity has been created for this. This reduces the chance for unnecessary image creation and prevents corrupt media galleries. Also the original asset filename (ee only) is being used for image names instead of the asset key.

  • AKMAGECON-91 - Inherit image positions from Magento.

    A new database configuration setting is available for inheriting the image positions from Magento. This way you can choose if Akeneo is leading or not.

  • AKMAGECON-81 - part two - Implemented the reference events bundle and option labels updating

    A new export step was created for UPDATING the reference attribute option labels. Creating options is still done in the product export step.

5.3.11 - (20-07-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-108 - Change reference entity image mapping

    Added the record code as prefix to the reference_image mapping. By doing this we ensure that the image mapping is always unique.

5.3.10 - (18-07-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-106 - Empty date values are not getting cleared in Magento

    Date values were not getting cleared in Magento. Instead the current date was set. This is fixed now.

5.3.9 - (15-07-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-105 - Error while running Magento queue job

    Fixed an issue when exporting product associations in the Magento queue job.

5.3.8 - (11-07-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-104 - Fixed Unknown entity

    When editing an attribute group, association type through the UI we received a php exception. This problem is solved now.

5.3.7 - (01-07-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-102 - Fixed the error while editing an existing Magento mapping

    When editing a mapping through the UI we received a type hint error. This problem is solved now.

5.3.6 - (30-06-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-100 - Fixed attribute option bug

    Fixed the issue that attribute options with code 0 are not getting exported / mapped.

5.3.5 - (30-06-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-99 - Combining images roles for identical images.

    When sending two identical images (with same hashing), the images roles are getting combined now to one image.

  • AKMAGECON-95 - Bugfix an issue related to Doctrine's proxy generation

    Fixed an issue related to Doctrine's proxy generating causing the '$categories must not be accessed before initialization' error.

5.3.4 - (10-06-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-97 - Bugfix missing attribute option positions

    Fixed the issue of not sending option positions in the update option export step.

5.3.3 - (09-06-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-96 - Bugfix ImageFormatter

    Fixed argument type error.

5.3.2 - (03-06-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-94 - Creating new entities bugfix

    Fixed capturing event when creating a new entity.

5.3.1 - (01-06-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-92 - Access denied bugfix

    Fixed the access denied error while downloading the open queue log in EE versions.

5.3.0 - (31-05-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-56 - Provided better export information

    Improved the export summary. A more detailled view of what is getting exported is shown.

  • AKMAGECON-63 - Introduced a cleaning up commando for mappings

    A new commando was written for cleaning up the Magento mapping table.

  • AKMAGECON-81 - Implemented the events bundle and option labels updating

    A new export step was created for UPDATING the attribute option labels. Creating options is still done in the product export step.

  • AKMAGECON-89 - Automated migration scripts + version numbering

    Provided the necessary migration scripts + added automatic version numbering by the current git/composer tag.

5.2.5 - (20-05-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-907 - Bugfix reference data labels

    Bugfix reference data entity codes.

5.2.4 - (10-05-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-87 - Hotfix images, product mappings, family helper and error handling

    Hotfix media file class and media product writer + provided improvement in adding product mappings. Fixed Magento API endpoint issues for product skus with the + sign in it. Removed notice error family helper.

5.2.3 - (02-05-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-86 - Hotfix non-numeric value encountered

    Fixed PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered warnings Magento queue export.

5.2.2 - (27-04-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-85 hotfix - Hotfix reference entity and item export

    Added the missing storemapping configuration setting for the reference export profiles.

5.2.1 - (13-04-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-83 hotfix - Hotfix fixture data

    Added missing job default values provider for fixtures_magento_configuration_csv job.

5.2.0 - (12-04-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-83 - Added fixture data

    Added the possibility to easily install custom fixture data (based on the icecat demo clothing data). The export jobs and configuration will be present already.

  • AKMAGECON-74 - Provide the possibility to stop waiting for external queue jobs

    A new export execution action was added. This action allows you to 'complete' jobs which have the 'waiting for external queue' status.

  • AKMAGECON-72 - Inherit product condition filtering on quick exports

    From now on it is possible to inherit product filtering settings on quick export product selections. A new job profile setting was added for this.

  • AKMAGECON-62 - Disable configurable product exports

    We added an extra setting for disabling configurable product (product model) exports. This way only the variants are getting exported.

  • AKMAGECON-59 - Add better functionality for downloading Magento's open queue items

    A new job was written for downloading queue items. This way larger files can be downloaded.

  • AKMAGECON-50 - Added new database config setting for disabling the completeness filtering

    Functionality to make it possible to disable completeness filtering. This was required before.

  • AKMAGECON-49 - Image roles on assets

    Added the possibility to add 'ab' mapping on image roles + added extra main image roles logic on asset collections.

  • AKMAGECON-47 - Prevent qeueue warnings

    Added extra logic for preventing queue warnings.

  • AKMAGECON-31 - Performance improvement. Only localizable fields will get pushed on storeview level

    Only storeview specific data is getting send to the stores now. Other data will inherit from the base storeview.

  • AKMAGECON-29 - Introduction of a new export type for sending images

    Product images are now handled in a separate job profile. This profile will send images only.

  • AKMAGECON-20 - Added the new functionality "Meta attribute"

    It's possible to send extra product values to Magento now without creating new attributes. This data will bundled and stored under one meta attribute.

  • AKMAGECON-16 - Better product delta handling between product models and products

    A save on a product model will now also trigger the variants to get exported.

  • AKMAGECON-13 - Display connector version number

    A current version number will be visible trough the UI.

5.1.0 - (12-04-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-52 - Asset image improvements

    Add necessary image fault logging. Prevent filename suffixing.

  • AKMAGECON-40 - Disable loggiing

    A new database configuration setting was implemented for disabling all the logging.

  • AKMAGECON-26 - Implementation multi domain

    Big functional improvement. Multiple configuration settings can now be used for different export profiles.

  • AKMAGECON-17 - Implementation credentials manager

    Security improvement. API connection credentials are now stored and reused trough the credentials manager.

5.0.9 - (28-03-2022)
  • AKMAGECON-75 - Bugfix reference entity labels for select options

    Bugfix for: when creating reference select options wrong label translations are getting pushed.

  • AKMAGECON-73 - Improve image error messages for missing products

    Log an error if we want to create images for products that does not exist.