GS1 Attribute mapping

GS1 has no context of how you setup your PIM catalog: family and attributes. In order to connect the your catalog to the GS1 counterparts we introduced attribute mapping.

The Akeneo attribute mapping Bundle will map an Akeneo attribute value into GS1 accepted value. If no specific value is set to match we will pass the original value set in the Akeneo attribute.

2 distinct types of mapping

Mapping can be done in 2 ways, attribute mapping and attribute value mapping.

  • attribute mapping: we will copy over the value as stored in akeneo
  • attribute value mapping: next to attribute mapping we will also map the value

Attribute Mapping

Object is to replace the attribute codes with cods that GS1 understands.

In this mapping examples files we clearly have 2 namespaces in the suffix of the header. The suffix Akeneo will point your Akeneo attributes and values The suffix gs1 will point your gs1 attributes and values.

attribute_code_akeneo attribute_code_gs1 select_option_akeneo select_option_gs1
postal_code 1_876

Attribute Value Mapping

We can also target specific values per attribute. The matching value listed will translate into a compatible GS1 value.

attribute_code_akeneo attribute_code_gs1 select_option_akeneo select_option_gs1
gloss_level 4_623 gloss_high gloss
gloss_level 4_623 gloss_low gloss

Supported attributes

attribute type is mappable value mapped supported?
simple select Y Y
boolean Y N Yes, returns a literal ‘true/false’ as a response
metric Y N Yes, the connectors holds a mapping table for the metric units
text, textarea Y N
file types N N