GS1 reading logs

Reading errors-logs from the Datapool

When a message interaction is started with the Datapool it is possible that somewhere in this process the product is not accepted.

The reasons albeit missing or unexpected values will be logged into a txt file that you can download from the server.

Since every interaction form a job inside the pim, we have stored all these logs together with the generated CIP and CIN messages from that export.

Where can I find these logs?

You will find the logs, generated CIN and CIP messages inside the Activity / Process Tracker.


How do I know if my product got declined?

Your product GS1 message state will be set to DECLINED if the process ended with errors.

Delta export example

  • If a delta export is setup for nighty GS1 exports.
  • That cron task will generate 1 new delta job activity every day inside the “Process tracker” .
  • Inside the delta job we will store the generated CIN_messages, CIP_messages and logs if any.