Product Requirements

In this topic we try to explain all the requirements to when a product is considered ready for export.

Did my product export correctly?

If these conditions are not met correctly the product will not export. To be sure see the “GS1 message state” attribute inside your product. If the GS1 message state was not set to REQUEST_FOR_APPROVAL after a daily export it didn’t export.


In order to exports products to GS1 we use 3 filters. So if you have difficulty exporting products make sure that your products are accepted by these filters.

We have to make to following assumptions in order to export any product to GS1:

attribute 5_131:

  • labeled Provisional publication code for GS1 must be created as an single select
  • must contain the option values “Preliminary”, “Final” and “Do not publish”
  • must be available inside the family / product

attribute gs1_client_publication:

  • labeled Publication in GS1 for client/target market must be created as an multi select
  • target market options must be available"
  • must be available inside the family / product
First Filter (family)

Every template is hard-linked to at least one family. Every Family has linked products. Those family products are considered the first filter. Let’s call these family products a FamilyProductCollection from here on.

Second Filter (Provisional publication code)

We also have a second filter in place, by default only selected products can be exported. We have to set the Provisional publication code for GS1 must contain value “Preliminary” or “Final” in order to mark the product ready for GS1 export.

Third Filter (Publication in GS1 for client/target market)

Lastly we a third filter in place, this filter define what client/target market is linked to what locale. The GS1 connector will generate and XML per target market and it’s selected locales for that market.

For example let’s say we wish to export to the Belgium Intergamma target market. We have to link the locale(s) we wish to export to the correct target market option.

GS1 message state Filter

The GS1 message state is not a real filter, as this attribute is completely controlled by the connector. If the GS1 message state is set to REQUEST_FOR_APPROVAL Request for Approval then that product is currently in process by the Datapool. All other states will not filter out the product.

Delta Export

Not a real filter but we need to note it here. During a delta export we can only export products that are changed that day. During a delta export this filter is the first filter in the stack.

Requirements Summary for export

Requirements on the Akeneo Family:

  • the product family should have a linked GS1 template
  • attributes 5_131, gs1_client_publication and gs1_message_state shoulb part of the family Requirements on the Akeneo Product:
  • attribute 5_131 must be set to “Preliminary” or “Final”
  • attribute gs1_client_publication must have at least one target market selected
  • attribute gs1_message_state should not have REQUEST_FOR_APPROVAL selected