GS1 message interactions

The GS1 connector uses the job manager or Process Tracker from the pim to deal with all interactions between the pim and the Datapool. Every job originates from a delta export launched from a cron. We use the GS1 message state attribute to communicate on the product to reflect the process state with the Datapool.

GLN Messages flow

These are the message flow and interaction between the connector and to Datapool. Every message is distinct, we capture the most useful information in these messages but not all. For example we do capture the state of the message, the sender GLN, receiver GLN and the error messages if any.

The state we capture are per target market and are subliminal, only we all states reach an agreement on a product example all accepted (approved), all not accepted (declined) we communicate that as a global state on the product.

this is a table of all messages and there corresponding states, in a processable order.

Message type Sender Receiver Events
Generate CIN Document GLN your company GLN Datapool GS1_CIN_MSG_SEND
Datapool CIN Response message GLN Datapool GLN your company GS1_CIN_MSG_ACCEPTED GS1_CIN_MSG_NOT_ACCEPTED
Generate CIP Document GLN your company GLN target market GS1_CIP_MSG_SEND
Datapool CIP Response message GLN target market GLN your company GS1_CIP_MSG_ACCEPTED GS1_CIP_MSG_NOT_ACCEPTED
Datapool CIC Response message GLN target market GLN your company GS1_CIC_MSG_ACCEPTED GS1_CIC_MSG_NOT_ACCEPTED

GS1 message state

The global message state that we collect on the product is the gs1_message_state, this is a akeneo attribute single select type, global and will only have 3 options, REQUEST_FOR_APPROVAL, APPROVAL, DECLINED.

In between states

When a product has not reached the approved state or declined state it will set into REQUEST_FOR_APPROVAL. Since GS1 message approval is in the process we can’t export that product any more until that product reached it’s final state.

It is however possible that you have introduced changes to that product during this process. Those new changes have not been push to GS1. To force push an export, simple unset the GS1 message state from it’s prior state and save the product. The next delta export will pick your changes and produce a new message reintroducing it into the flow.