GS1 Specification

GS1 Account

GS1 Account information
GLN (IG) Intergamma xxxxxxxxxxxxx
GLN (Sender) your company 541343xxxxxxx
GLN (Receiver) Datapool xxxxxxxxxxxxx
target market : NL 528
target market : BE 056


The GTIN identifier is the standard GS1 equivalent for EAN but with a leading 0.

Find more information about the GTIN number here…

properties that are part of the GTIN

  • GTIN generally similar to the EAN_CODE
  • GTIN required 14 digit code in stead of the standard 13 for EAN_CODE.
  • GTIN is leading so use the GTIN identifier within the XML scope.

GTIN’s are used to identity your product across all target market.

Akeneo attributes

GS1 Publication client/target market

This attribute code is required in order to generate a CIN message to the selected target market(s) / country_code.

  • attribute_code: gs1_client_publication
  • properties: localizable, multi-select
GS1 Publication client/target market
GLN (IG) Intergamma NL 8714039900003_528
GLN (IG) Intergamma BE 8714039900003_056


GS1 Message state

This attribute is a global select type attribute with 3 options GS1_APPROVED, GS1_REQUESTED_FOR_APPROVAL and GS1_DECLINED. The connector will interact with the datapool and update the product state reflecting the current status.

GS1_APPROVED Your document is been approved
GS1_REQUESTED_FOR_APPROVAL Your document is in process
GS1_DECLINED Your document was not accepted
Provisional publication code

This attribute code is required and communicates your provisional publication state to GS1. You must set the value “Preliminary” or “Final” in order to allow for export.



The GsOneIdentifier is a generated identifier that contains origin breadcrumbs.

gs1_client_publication digit
sender digit
Job Step Execution Id id
Job Execution Id id
EAN/GTIN digit

Here is an example of such an identifier