Release notes

  • added mass edit for assets
  • added attribute to save to
  • made service overridable
  • remove empty values in characterise table
  • BUGFIX: get raw values, associations table data
  • added associations table
  • Removed products normalization inside Rawvalues
  • Added Metric Value formatter
  • Added translations on boolean
  • made filter product caching localizable BUGFIX: removed thousands separator
  • added translations option into link function, fixed issue with attribute label translations and added attribute option translation
  • Update OnPdfDocumentWasCreatedSubscriber.php
  • corrected aws resize URL Corrected AWS filter added option display metric-display-unit boolean parameter
  • Remove unneeded value conversion
  • Change Project dependent normalizer and show result bug Added Project RawValuesNormalizer Added multi-sort
  • added sort filter and page-limit
  • PdfDocumentWasCreatedEvent Cleanup
  • added European number format
  • Added S3 image support to imageValidator
  • added better validations
  • Update DateSheetDocumentWriter.php
  • added local catalog_storage filesystem
  • added support for characteristics
  • Added recursive pm filter and association support Ability the modify your working path per job added refeerence support to the Task setup default scope code complate refactor of the PdfEngine and twig extensions initial support for tables
  • Bugfix: fixed issue with product model normalizer
  • Made bundle compatible with Akeneo 3.x
  • Added multi-select support
  • Update OnPdfDocumentWasCreatedSubscriber.php
  • Added PdfWasCreatedSubscriber renamed the default attribute_code moved to locale filename for correct placement added filter support on LinkedEntities Update OnPdfDocumentWasCreatedSubscriber.php
  • Fix for Pruduct Selector
  • GetName Locale issue fix
  • PDF : label fix
  • Update PdfController.php
  • filename sanitize update
  • bugfixes and better validation
  • spit up the filename locale for easier handlingfix : allow files to be writen in sub directoryfix for File_exists issue vs is_filereverse timestamps for nowadded surrounding div on reusable blocksadded Timestamp that doesnt update fixdont throw exception when attribute label is nullchanged to CurrentLocale instead of UI localeadded basFile exceptionadded refeerence support to the Task
  • fix: when requiredcodes is null dont validateadded Required attributes validation
  • json-response output attribute async fix
  • init project