Generating a PDF

In this section you will learn

  • how to generate a PDF
  • how the PDF generator works on cron
  • how to store you PDF onto an attribute.

How to generate a PDF

Once your template is final for rendering into a PDF you can try rendering your template.


The generate PDF button will create a queued task to render a PDF based on your template settings.

Check the activity tracker to see if your render was exported successfully.

Select that latest job and download the PDF file.


It’s possible that some products will not render based on the validations, check for more info here.

How the PDF generator works on cron

Based on your input we will generate PDF on a daily basis.

The command will only render updated products since the last 24 hours.

The command will only render products that pass validation.

0 1 * * * php $APP_DIR/bin/console induxx:pdf:export-delta --daysAgo=1 --user='admin' -vvv

How to store your PDF onto an attribute

The PDF you generate