Managing operators

You can manage the operators via ‘operators’ attribute. This is a simple select attribute used purely for the metric operators. The advantage of this is that you can easily add or remove an option.

Import of products

An operator can be added to an attribute very easily by using the standard product / product model importers from Akeneo.

The files expect a new column that is required in the file if you want to import a metric attribute. If you don’t add this column you will get a warning and the line will not be imported.


So the file should look like this:

18 TON equals

As in the UI, it is not mandatory to fill in a prefix (operator). If it is empty it will be made empty in the UI as well.

Export of products

For the export of products you can specify per metric attribute how it should appear in the export. This can be determined on the attribute itself via the ‘Prefix formatting’ field.

When this field is empty the fields are exported in separate columns. So these are: ATTRIBUUT, ATTRIBUUT-unit, ATTRIBUUT-prefix.

If you wish to modify this you can use ‘amount’, ‘unit’ and ‘prefix’, to be placed between “%”. These will then be replaced by their corresponding values. The order is taken over in the export.

!warning! amount must always be present!